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About ChefMom

Pam Simon, The Chef At Heart

Pam Simon, aka ChefMom, is a chef at heart. Her love of entertaining in the home started as a natural progression of her love of cooking. After all, when you’ve worked out a delicious party menu – from the appetizers to the main course to dessert – you want to make sure the entire dining experience is complete.

How It All Began

For Pam, the star of any dinner party or celebration has always been the food. She could always be found in the kitchen of her Plantation, Florida home cooking up magical culinary experiences for family and friends. She soon became known throughout her community as a talented cook. The nickname ChefMom was born, and Pam adopted the moniker for her email address.

Pam approached entertaining and home decorating much like she approached cooking… with the soul of an artist. From kitchen utensils to decorative accessories, she’s always made a point of seeking out quality tools with a simple elegance and unique charm.

When friends and acquaintances started seeking her sources to purchase similar merchandise themselves, Pam saw an opportunity to combine charity with her special expertise and well-trained eye for decorative design. Many of the inquiries were coming from acquaintances within her local community, such as her children’s school, the community center or at temple. Since most of these groups are always looking for unique fundraising opportunities, Pam started organizing charitable boutiques where she’d bring many of her latest decorative finds and donate a healthy portion of the sales to the hosting charity.

As interest grew, ChefMom became a full-fledged business with year round demand outside of the charitable events, leading to the introduction of this website. We hope will become your source not only for stylish gifts and accessories, but also for new recipes and other tips and suggestions for entertaining.

Sharing ChefMom’s style with the world

Based in South Florida, the tropical climate makes for frequent al fresco entertaining with celebrations and special occasions throughout the year. As a result, on the ChefMom website, you’ll find lots of ideas for outdoor entertaining and decorating designs with casual elegance. And with Pam’s home base being the kitchen, ChefMom’s kitchen accessories offer a unique combination of beauty and functionality that both a chef and a designer can appreciate.

With ChefMom products and this website, Pam’s goal is to provide quality gifts and accessories along with great party recipes and tips, that make hosting special occasions truly extraordinary. Whether it’s a simple outdoor dinner with the family, a special brunch for invited guests, or a truly unique wedding gift, ChefMom is here to help.