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All Alone Salad


Family went out of town and I still need a healthy meal!
This wonderful salad would look beautiful on the Heart to Heart Round Serving Dish!
Skinless chicken thighs (As many as you need. Figure 2-3 per person)
Seasonings (I like to use a spicy chili pepper, salt and garlic)
Greens of your choice
Salad ingredients of your choice
Chop all above and place on serving plate
Optional Add Ins:
Ground flax seed
roasted garlic granules
Chia Seeds
Balsamic Glaze
Grapeseed Oil
Clean chicken and top with seasoning. Either blacken in a cast iron skillet or grill on BBQ. When chicken is done chop up and place on salad. At this point you can sprinkle all of the optional ingredients, or the ones to your liking.
Dressing of your choice! Enjoy